Three major brands of keyboards made in Japan


Growing interest in keyboards made in Japan

Design-wise, keyboards made in Japan pursue a simple yet functional aesthetic. With sophisticated design, compact shapes, and the use of high-quality materials, these keyboards balance beauty and practicality. Additionally, layouts and key arrays optimized for Japanese input are significant attractions of these products, highlighting Japan’s unique features.

Thus, through their history and evolution, keyboards made in Japan have developed unique characteristics and technologies, transcending mere input tools to become artistic works of technology and design.

Features and Appeal of keyboards made in Japan

keyboards made in Japan are highly regarded globally for their distinctive design, exceptional quality, and unique functionality.

Aesthetics of Design

keyboards made in Japan are characterized by their simple and refined designs. Influenced by minimalism, they maximize comfort and functionality while avoiding unnecessary decoration. Their compact size and stylish appearance add a sophisticated touch to office spaces and home desktops.


Japan’s manufacturing industry is globally recognized for its precision and high quality, and keyboard manufacturing is no exception. Durable materials, meticulous assembly processes, and thorough quality control ensure that these keyboards maintain performance even under stringent usage conditions. Moreover, their intricate internal mechanisms provide a superior typing experience alongside durability.

Unique Features

keyboards made in Japan are equipped with various functions to meet specific needs. For example, they offer customizability in key layouts and switch types to provide different operational feelings, catering to user preferences and applications.

Comfortable Typing Experience

keyboards made in Japan place significant emphasis on comfort during typing. Smooth keystrokes with appropriate resistance make for a fatigue-resistant design even during prolonged use. Additionally, the keys produce a subdued sound, making them suitable for use in workplaces and public areas.


keyboards made in Japan are also highly valued for their durability. They are constructed robustly to withstand long-term use and made from high-quality materials that minimize degradation over time.

In these ways, keyboards made in Japan excel in design, quality, functionality, comfort, and durability. These attributes elevate Japanese keyboards from mere input devices to sophisticated tools that meet user needs.


History and Overview of PFU Ltd.

PFU Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of high-quality keyboards. Founded in 1960, the company has been a pioneer in the field of information and communication technology for many years. PFU is particularly well-known for its high-performance “Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)” series. The company’s products are especially popular among programmers and computer enthusiasts, known for their sophisticated design and exceptional performance.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Microsite | PFU

Features of PFU Products

PFU keyboards are renowned for their unique design and high quality. The HHKB series, in particular, is known for its compact yet user-friendly design, featuring a minimalistic key layout that eliminates unnecessary elements. These keyboards are lightweight and portable, made with materials that offer superior durability. Moreover, PFU keyboards are highly customizable, allowing users to modify key layouts and keycaps according to their preferences.

Top 3 Recommended Products from PFU

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 (HHKB Pro 2)

  • Features: A compact 60-key layout, high-quality PBT keycaps made by Topre, customizable for programmers.
  • Performance: Light and comfortable typing feel with quiet operation, high durability.
  • Design: Simple and sophisticated appearance with an elegant matte finish.
  • High-end model.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional (HHKB Pro EN)

  • Features: Japanese layout compatibility, top-grade keycaps, advanced customization options.
  • Performance: Comfortable typing experience, built for long-term durability.
  • Design: Compact yet functional layout, refined design.
  • Mid-range model.

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Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite2 (HHKB Lite2)

  • Features: Entry-level HHKB, equipped with basic functions, a model designed to be affordable.
  • Performance: Basic typing experience and reliability.
  • Design: Simple and easy-to-use layout, lightweight design.
  • Entry-level model.

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PFU’s keyboards, with their distinctive design and high quality, are supported and loved by many users.


History and Overview of Topre Corporation

Topre Corporation is one of the key players in Japan’s keyboard market. Founded in 1935, the company initially began with manufacturing plastic molding products. Later, in response to technological innovation and market demand, Topre entered the keyboard manufacturing industry. The company is particularly known for its “Realforce” brand of keyboards, which have gained widespread support from many users due to their high-quality construction and unique typing experience.

REALFORCE | Premium Keyboard, PBT, Capacitive Key Switch

Features of Topre Products

Topre keyboards are distinguished by their high durability and unique keystroke feel. The Realforce series from Topre utilizes a unique capacitive non-contact method, delivering a smooth keystroke experience unlike other keyboards. Additionally, the keystroke sound is quiet, making them suitable for office environments and quiet places. Design-wise, their simple and sophisticated appearance is well-received by many users.

Top 3 Recommended Products from Topre

Realforce R3

The Realforce R3 keyboard stands out for its innovative features and exceptional customization options. One of its main attractions is the APC (Actuation Point Changer) function, which allows users to adjust the activation depth of each key switch to 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 2.2mm, or 3.0mm. This feature enables customization for various needs, from fast typing and gaming to settings that reduce typing errors​​​​.

The keyboard employs a capacitive non-contact switch mechanism, enhancing reliability and durability without physical contact of key switch electrodes​​. It also supports wireless connectivity, allowing multi-pairing with up to four devices, including Windows PCs, smartphones, and tablets​​.

Customization extends to its design, with optional colored panels and panel design kits for personalizing the keyboard’s appearance​​. Users can choose from three key weights (45g, variable, 30g), catering to individual preferences and daily usage​​.

The Realforce R3 features Topre’s unique silent switches, significantly reducing keystroke noise, making it suitable for quiet environments and during remote meetings​​. Additionally, it supports full n-key rollover and simultaneous key presses, ensuring accurate input even during fast typing​​.

Comprehensive software support includes adjustment of the APC function, panel sheet printing, heatmap, keymap replacement, and more, enhancing the overall user experience​​.

In summary, the Realforce R3 combines advanced customization, durability, and ease of use, making it a high-quality keyboard suited for professionals.

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Realforce R2 (Full-size / Tenkeyless)

  • Features: High-quality PBT keycaps, adjustable actuation points.
  • Performance: Quiet and smooth keystrokes due to the non-contact method, long lifespan design.
  • Design: Simple, modern appearance with fingerprint-resistant coating.
  • Flagship model.

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Realforce R2 RGB (Full-size / Tenkeyless)

  • Features: Colorful RGB backlighting, adjustable actuation points for each key.
  • Performance: Unique capacitive non-contact method, high-quality build.
  • Design: Modern look with customizable RGB lighting.
  • High-end model.

【AD】Amazon Realforce R2 RGB (Full-size / Tenkeyless)

Topre’s keyboards, known for their unique keystroke feel and high-quality build, have earned high praise from typing enthusiasts and professional users alike.

Introduction to Diatec

History and Overview of Diatec Corporation

Diatec Corporation, though a relatively new player in the Japanese keyboard manufacturing scene, has rapidly established its position in the market through innovation and high-quality products. Founded in the early 2000s, the company is especially known for its ‘Filco’ brand of keyboards. Diatec specializes in the manufacture of high-quality mechanical keyboards, gaining widespread support from users for their robust construction and superior typing experience.


Features of Diatec Products

Diatec keyboards are characterized by their durability and classical design. The Filco brand keyboards, made from high-quality materials and precisely assembled, are built to endure long-term use. They also excel in keystroke feel, offering a variety of switch types to cater to users’ preferences. Design-wise, these keyboards feature a simple yet modern style, fitting well in professional work environments.

Top 3 Recommended Products from Diatec

Filco Majestouch-2 (Full-size)

  • Features: Robust build, high-quality keycaps, a wide variety of switch options.
  • Performance: High durability and comfortable keystroke feel, stable performance.
  • Design: Simple yet elegant, adaptable to various environments.
  • High-end model.

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Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 (Full-size / Tenkeyless)

  • Features: ‘Ninja’ style with unprinted keytops, keycaps with excellent wear resistance.
  • Performance: Reliable mechanical switches, delicate typing experience.
  • Design: Unique appearance, functional yet eye-catching style.
  • Mid-range model.

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Filco Minila Air (65% Compact)

  • Features: Compact yet functional 65% layout, Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Performance: Portable and multifunctional, comfortable typing.
  • Design: Space-efficient compact design, suited for mobile users.
  • Entry-level model.

【AD】Amazon Filco Minila Air
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Diatec’s keyboards, known for their robustness, exceptional typing feel, and user-friendly design, are recommended for a wide range of users from business professionals to enthusiasts.


This article has delved deep into the unique charm, history, and evolution of Japanese-made keyboards, as well as the features of major manufacturers. Japanese keyboards are highly valued worldwide for their superior design, exceptional quality, unique functionality, and comfortable typing experience. Manufacturers such as PFU, Topre, and Diatec each offer products with distinctive characteristics, catering to various needs. Experience the special typing experience of Japanese keyboards for yourself.

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